The Dandelion SEED Research Library

Civis Mundi Digitaal #64

The Dandelion project has launched the Dandelion SEED Research Library, a social platform that brings together social science and humanities researchers in one place to increase the impact of their work.

Watch the explainer video now!

We all know that research is important for society, but a lot of the time, good research doesn’t reach the people who need it. Dandelion is an EU-funded project that aims to change that by helping to promote the work done in projects within the socio-economic science and humanities (or SSH) community.

This has been achieved through a variety of innovative and creative methods, the most ambitious of which has been the development and launch of the Dandelion SEED Research Library. 

The innovative online platform gives SSH projects the opportunity to communicate their research findings directly with industry, the media, the general public and political stakeholders in attractive multi-media digital brochures, known as SEEDs, which are categorised within five thematic areas.

The SEED Library is an interactive platform. It allows researchers to communicate directly with their audiences and build valuable networks of stakeholders who they know have an interest in their work. Meanwhile, library visitors are automatically alerted about new developments in the projects they choose to follow.

It encourages pro-active and active dialogue between people who can help to foster further SSH research and innovation, encourage collaboration among projects and ensures project results make an impact in terms of policy and with the general public.

While the Dandelion SSH Research Library is free and open for anyone to browse, becoming a Library member gives to significant added benefits. You can:

Customise Your Library

Customise your own SSH research library and follow the research projects that you have an interest in. As members of the SSH Library you can also personalise your experience and create a dashboard focusing on the projects and sectors of your choice.

Stay Informed

Keep fully up to date about SSH research breakthroughs and all the latest news – as a member, you receive update alerts about the projects you choose to follow and will recommended other projects to follow based on your profile.

Ask Questions

Pose questions directly to the SSH research projects you are interested in or contact those projects that you wish to collaborate with for mutual benefit. You can also join discussion walls on projects you follow and receive alerts when others comment.

Keep Connected

As a member, you will be part of a growing community of SSH stakeholders from research, industry and the media. You will be able to join groups and look for collaborative opportunities. Others will also be able to find you and learn all about your SSH work and interests.

To view the Dandelion SEED Research Library, please go to: