A Journey Into the Self, bewerkt citaat

Civis Mundi Digitaal #122

door Jan Chris Jansen

                                                    A journey into the self                                                  


                                     Any traveler knows that a trip is not just about 

                                                 The encounter of a new place


                                     But, equally, a journey into the self, and that

                                                 The more foreign the place,

                                     The more profound the journey. Our experience


                                                 Of a place becomes inseparable

                                     From our recollections of who we were at the

                                                Time. We travel for the same


                                     Reason we read: to remind ourselves of the

                                                Existence, and also the inex-

                                     Plicability, of other lives, to recognize ourselves


                                                Within that which is foreign

                                     To us. We take the journey to see ourselves. 



                                       Hanya Yanagihara  Letter from the Editor

                                            The New York Times  May 14, 2022